Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine Class Reference

#include <fullpipe.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FullpipeEngine (OSystem *syst, const ADGameDescription *gameDesc)
 ~FullpipeEngine () override
void initialize ()
void restartGame ()
bool shouldQuit ()
void setMusicAllowed (int val)
uint32 getFeatures () const
bool isDemo ()
Common::Language getLanguage () const
void updateEvents ()
bool loadGam (const char *fname, int scene=0)
void loadGameObjH ()
Common::String gameIdToStr (uint16 id)
GameVargetGameLoaderGameVar ()
InputControllergetGameLoaderInputController ()
void defHandleKeyDown (int key)
void stopAllSounds ()
void toggleMute ()
void playSound (int id, int flag)
void playTrack (GameVar *sceneVar, const char *name, bool delayed)
int getSceneTrack ()
void updateTrackDelay ()
void startSceneTrack ()
void startSoundStream1 (const Common::String &trackName)
void playOggSound (const Common::String &trackName, Audio::SoundHandle &stream)
void stopSoundStream2 ()
void stopAllSoundStreams ()
void stopAllSoundInstances (int id)
void updateSoundVolume ()
void setMusicVolume (int vol)
void deleteModalObject ()
void initMap ()
void updateMap (PreloadItem *pre)
void updateMapPiece (int mapId, int update)
void updateScreen ()
void freeGameLoader ()
void cleanup ()
void enableSaves ()
void disableSaves (ExCommand *ex)
bool isSaveAllowed ()
void initObjectStates ()
void setLevelStates ()
void setSwallowedEggsState ()
void loadAllScenes ()
void initCursors ()
void addCursor (CursorInfo *cursorInfo, Scene *inv, int pictureId, int hotspotX, int hotspotY, int itemPictureOffsX, int itemPictureOffsY)
void drawAlphaRectangle (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, int alpha)
void sceneFade (Scene *sc, bool direction)
void setCursor (int id)
void updateCursorCommon ()
int getObjectState (const Common::String &objname)
void setObjectState (const Common::String &name, int state)
int getObjectEnumState (const Common::String &name, const char *state)
void sceneAutoScrolling ()
bool sceneSwitcher (const EntranceInfo &entrance)
SceneaccessScene (int sceneId)
void setSceneMusicParameters (GameVar *var)
int convertScene (int scene)
int getSceneEntrance (int scene)
int getSceneFromTag (int tag)
void openMap ()
void openHelp ()
void openMainMenu ()
void initArcadeKeys (const char *varname)
void processArcade (ExCommand *ex)
void winArcade ()
void setArcadeOverlay (int picId)
int drawArcadeOverlay (int adjust)
void getAllInventory ()
int lift_getButtonIdP (int objid)
int lift_getButtonIdH (int objid)
int lift_getButtonIdN (int objid)
void lift_setButton (const char *name, int state)
void lift_init (Scene *sc, int qu1, int qu2)
void lift_setButtonStatics (Scene *sc, int buttonId)
void lift_exitSeq (ExCommand *ex)
void lift_closedoorSeq ()
void lift_clickButton ()
void lift_walkAndGo ()
void lift_goAnimation ()
void lift_animateButton (StaticANIObject *button)
void lift_startExitQueue ()
void lift_hoverButton (ExCommand *ex)
bool lift_checkButton (const char *varname)
void lift_openLift ()
Common::Error loadGameState (int slot) override
 Load a game state. More...
Common::Error saveGameState (int slot, const Common::String &description, bool isAutosave=false) override
 Save a game state. More...
virtual Common::String getSaveStateName (int slot) const override
 Generates the savegame filename. More...
bool canLoadGameStateCurrently () override
 Indicates whether a game state can be loaded. More...
bool canSaveGameStateCurrently () override
 Indicates whether a game state can be saved. More...
bool hasFeature (EngineFeature f) const override
 Determine whether the engine supports the specified feature. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Engine
 Engine (OSystem *syst)
virtual ~Engine ()
virtual void initializePath (const Common::FSNode &gamePath)
 Init SearchMan according to the game path. More...
virtual void errorString (const char *buf_input, char *buf_output, int buf_output_size)
 Prepare an error string, which is printed by the error() function. More...
virtual GUI::DebuggergetDebugger ()
 Return the engine's debugger instance, if any. More...
void setDebugger (GUI::Debugger *debugger)
 Sets the engine's debugger. More...
GUI::DebuggergetOrCreateDebugger ()
 Return the engine's debugger instance, or create one if none is present. More...
virtual void syncSoundSettings ()
 Notify the engine that the sound settings in the config manager may have changed and that it hence should adjust any internal volume etc. More...
virtual void flipMute ()
 Flip mute all sound option. More...
virtual Common::Error loadGameStream (Common::SeekableReadStream *stream)
 Load a game state. More...
void setGameToLoadSlot (int slot)
 Sets the game slot for a savegame to be loaded after global main menu execution. More...
virtual Common::Error saveGameStream (Common::WriteStream *stream, bool isAutosave=false)
 Save a game state. More...
bool saveGameDialog ()
 Shows the ScummVM save dialog, allowing users to save their game. More...
bool loadGameDialog ()
 Shows the ScummVM Restore dialog, allowing users to load a game. More...
void pauseEngine (bool pause)
 Pause or resume the engine. More...
bool isPaused () const
 Return whether the engine is currently paused or not. More...
void openMainMenuDialog ()
 Run the Global Main Menu Dialog. More...
uint32 getTotalPlayTime () const
 Get the total play time. More...
void setTotalPlayTime (uint32 time=0)
 Set the game time counter to the specified time. More...
Common::TimerManagergetTimerManager ()
Common::EventManagergetEventManager ()
Common::SaveFileManagergetSaveFileManager ()
void checkCD ()
 On some systems, check if the game appears to be run from CD. More...
void handleAutoSave ()
 Checks for whether it's time to do an autosave, and if so, does it. More...
void saveAutosaveIfEnabled ()
 Does an autosave immediately if autosaves are turned on. More...
virtual bool canSaveAutosaveCurrently ()
 Indicates whether an autosave can currently be saved. More...
virtual int getAutosaveSlot () const
 Returns the slot that should be used for autosaves. More...
bool shouldPerformAutoSave (int lastSaveTime)

Public Attributes

const ADGameDescription_gameDescription
Common::RandomSource _rnd
Common::KeyCode _keyState
uint16 _buttonState
Graphics::Surface _backgroundSurface
Graphics::PixelFormat _origFormat
Common::ScopedPtr< GameLoader_gameLoader
int _gameProjectVersion
int _pictureScale
int _scrollSpeed
bool _updateFlag
bool _flgCanOpenMap
bool _gamePaused
bool _flgGameIsRunning
bool _inputArFlag
bool _recordEvents
bool _mainMenu_debugEnabled
Common::Rect _sceneRect
int _sceneWidth
int _sceneHeight
Palette _defaultPalette
const Palette_globalPalette
bool _inputDisabled
int _currentCheat
int _currentCheatPos
SoundList_currSoundList1 [11]
int _currSoundListCount
bool _soundEnabled
bool _flgSoundList
Common::String _sceneTracks [10]
int _numSceneTracks
bool _sceneTrackHasSequence
int _musicMinDelay
int _musicMaxDelay
int _musicLocal
Common::String _trackName
int _trackStartDelay
Common::String _sceneTracksCurrentTrack
bool _sceneTrackIsPlaying
int _sfxVolume
int _musicVolume
Common::ScopedPtr< GlobalMessageQueueList_globalMessageQueueList
int _msgX
int _msgY
int _msgObjectId2
int _msgId
Common::List< ExCommand * > _exCommandList
bool _isProcessingMessages
int _mouseVirtX
int _mouseVirtY
Common::Point _mouseScreenPos
Common::ScopedPtr< BehaviorManager_behaviorManager
Common::ScopedPtr< MovTable_movTable
Common::ScopedPtr< Floaters_floaters
Common::ScopedPtr< AniHandler_aniHandler
Common::Array< Common::Point_arcadeKeys
bool _gameContinue
bool _needRestart
bool _flgPlayIntro
int _musicAllowed
bool _normalSpeed
int32 _mapTable [200]
int _currSelectedInventoryItemId
int32 _updateTicks
int32 _lastInputTicks
int32 _lastButtonUpTicks
int(* _updateScreenCallback )()
int(* _updateCursorCallback )()
int _cursorId
int _minCursorId
int _maxCursorId
Common::Array< int > _objectIdCursors
int _objectIdAtCursor
int _arcadeOverlayX
int _arcadeOverlayY
int _arcadeOverlayMidX
int _arcadeOverlayMidY
int _liftX
int _liftY
Audio::SoundHandle _soundStream1
Audio::SoundHandle _soundStream2
Audio::SoundHandle _soundStream3
Audio::SoundHandle _soundStream4
bool _stream2playing
GameObjHMap _gameObjH
bool _isSaveAllowed
- Public Attributes inherited from Engine

Protected Member Functions

Common::Error run () override
 Init the engine and start its main loop. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Engine
virtual int runDialog (GUI::Dialog &dialog)
virtual void pauseEngineIntern (bool pause)
 Actual implementation of pauseEngine by subclasses. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Engine
enum  EngineFeature { kSupportsSubtitleOptions, kSupportsRTL, kSupportsLoadingDuringRuntime, kSupportsSavingDuringRuntime }
 A feature in this context means an ability of the engine which can be either available or not. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Engine
static void quitGame ()
 Request the engine to quit. More...
static bool shouldQuit ()
 Return whether the ENGINE should quit respectively should return to the launcher. More...
static MetaEnginegetMetaEngine ()
static bool warnUserAboutUnsupportedGame ()
 Display a warning to the user that the game is not fully supported. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Engine
const Common::String _targetName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 102 of file fullpipe.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FullpipeEngine()

Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::FullpipeEngine ( OSystem syst,
const ADGameDescription gameDesc 

Definition at line 51 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ ~FullpipeEngine()

Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::~FullpipeEngine ( )

Definition at line 188 of file fullpipe.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ accessScene()

Scene * Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::accessScene ( int  sceneId)

Definition at line 38 of file scene.cpp.

◆ addCursor()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::addCursor ( CursorInfo cursorInfo,
Scene inv,
int  pictureId,
int  hotspotX,
int  hotspotY,
int  itemPictureOffsX,
int  itemPictureOffsY 

Definition at line 145 of file init.cpp.

◆ canLoadGameStateCurrently()

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::canLoadGameStateCurrently ( )

Indicates whether a game state can be loaded.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 362 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ canSaveGameStateCurrently()

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::canSaveGameStateCurrently ( )

Indicates whether a game state can be saved.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 363 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ cleanup()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::cleanup ( )

Definition at line 462 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ convertScene()

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::convertScene ( int  scene)

Definition at line 495 of file scenes.cpp.

◆ defHandleKeyDown()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::defHandleKeyDown ( int  key)

Definition at line 136 of file input.cpp.

◆ deleteModalObject()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::deleteModalObject ( )

Definition at line 474 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ disableSaves()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::disableSaves ( ExCommand ex)

Definition at line 560 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ drawAlphaRectangle()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::drawAlphaRectangle ( int  x1,
int  y1,
int  x2,
int  y2,
int  alpha 

Definition at line 1174 of file gfx.cpp.

◆ drawArcadeOverlay()

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::drawArcadeOverlay ( int  adjust)

Definition at line 320 of file input.cpp.

◆ enableSaves()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::enableSaves ( )

Definition at line 247 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ freeGameLoader()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::freeGameLoader ( )

Definition at line 453 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ gameIdToStr()

Common::String Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::gameIdToStr ( uint16  id)

Definition at line 565 of file utils.cpp.

◆ getAllInventory()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getAllInventory ( )

Definition at line 496 of file inventory.cpp.

◆ getFeatures()

uint32 Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getFeatures ( ) const

Definition at line 36 of file detection.cpp.

◆ getGameLoaderGameVar()

GameVar * Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getGameLoaderGameVar ( )

Definition at line 663 of file gameloader.cpp.

◆ getGameLoaderInputController()

InputController * Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getGameLoaderInputController ( )

Definition at line 670 of file gameloader.cpp.

◆ getLanguage()

Common::Language Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getLanguage ( ) const

Definition at line 44 of file detection.cpp.

◆ getObjectEnumState()

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getObjectEnumState ( const Common::String name,
const char *  state 

Definition at line 524 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ getObjectState()

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getObjectState ( const Common::String objname)

Definition at line 541 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ getSaveStateName()

Common::String Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getSaveStateName ( int  slot) const

Generates the savegame filename.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 249 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ getSceneEntrance()

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getSceneEntrance ( int  scene)

Definition at line 505 of file scenes.cpp.

◆ getSceneFromTag()

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getSceneFromTag ( int  tag)

Definition at line 513 of file scenes.cpp.

◆ getSceneTrack()

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::getSceneTrack ( )

Definition at line 315 of file sound.cpp.

◆ hasFeature()

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::hasFeature ( EngineFeature  f) const

Determine whether the engine supports the specified feature.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 167 of file detection.cpp.

◆ initArcadeKeys()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::initArcadeKeys ( const char *  varname)

Definition at line 256 of file input.cpp.

◆ initCursors()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::initCursors ( )

Definition at line 156 of file init.cpp.

◆ initialize()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::initialize ( )

◆ initMap()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::initMap ( )

Definition at line 188 of file init.cpp.

◆ initObjectStates()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::initObjectStates ( )

Definition at line 34 of file init.cpp.

◆ isDemo()

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::isDemo ( )

Definition at line 40 of file detection.cpp.

◆ isSaveAllowed()

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::isSaveAllowed ( )

Definition at line 580 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ lift_animateButton()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_animateButton ( StaticANIObject button)

Definition at line 446 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_checkButton()

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_checkButton ( const char *  varname)

Definition at line 498 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_clickButton()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_clickButton ( )

Definition at line 390 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_closedoorSeq()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_closedoorSeq ( )

Definition at line 285 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_exitSeq()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_exitSeq ( ExCommand ex)

Definition at line 222 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_getButtonIdH()

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_getButtonIdH ( int  objid)

Definition at line 74 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_getButtonIdN()

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_getButtonIdN ( int  objid)

Definition at line 111 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_getButtonIdP()

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_getButtonIdP ( int  objid)

Definition at line 37 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_goAnimation()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_goAnimation ( )

Definition at line 395 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_hoverButton()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_hoverButton ( ExCommand ex)

Definition at line 489 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_init()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_init ( Scene sc,
int  qu1,
int  qu2 

Definition at line 175 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_openLift()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_openLift ( )

Definition at line 365 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_setButton()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_setButton ( const char *  name,
int  state 

Definition at line 168 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_setButtonStatics()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_setButtonStatics ( Scene sc,
int  buttonId 

Definition at line 507 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_startExitQueue()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_startExitQueue ( )

Definition at line 483 of file lift.cpp.

◆ lift_walkAndGo()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::lift_walkAndGo ( )

Definition at line 322 of file lift.cpp.

◆ loadAllScenes()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::loadAllScenes ( )

Definition at line 195 of file init.cpp.

◆ loadGam()

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::loadGam ( const char *  fname,
int  scene = 0 

Definition at line 278 of file stateloader.cpp.

◆ loadGameObjH()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::loadGameObjH ( )

Definition at line 533 of file utils.cpp.

◆ loadGameState()

Common::Error Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::loadGameState ( int  slot)

Load a game state.

slotthe slot from which a savestate should be loaded
returns kNoError on success, else an error code.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 233 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ openHelp()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::openHelp ( )

Definition at line 2476 of file modal.cpp.

◆ openMainMenu()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::openMainMenu ( )

Definition at line 2486 of file modal.cpp.

◆ openMap()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::openMap ( )

Definition at line 1050 of file modal.cpp.

◆ playOggSound()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::playOggSound ( const Common::String trackName,
Audio::SoundHandle stream 

Definition at line 349 of file sound.cpp.

◆ playSound()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::playSound ( int  id,
int  flag 

Definition at line 380 of file sound.cpp.

◆ playTrack()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::playTrack ( GameVar sceneVar,
const char *  name,
bool  delayed 

Definition at line 398 of file sound.cpp.

◆ processArcade()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::processArcade ( ExCommand ex)

Definition at line 274 of file input.cpp.

◆ restartGame()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::restartGame ( )

Definition at line 193 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ run()

Common::Error Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::run ( )

Init the engine and start its main loop.

returns kNoError on success, else an error code.

Implements Engine.

Definition at line 253 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ saveGameState()

Common::Error Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::saveGameState ( int  slot,
const Common::String desc,
bool  isAutosave = false 

Save a game state.

slotthe slot into which the savestate should be stored
desca description for the savestate, entered by the user
isAutosaveExpected to be true if an autosave is being created
returns kNoError on success, else an error code.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 242 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ sceneAutoScrolling()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::sceneAutoScrolling ( )

Definition at line 522 of file scenes.cpp.

◆ sceneFade()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::sceneFade ( Scene sc,
bool  direction 

Definition at line 1190 of file gfx.cpp.

◆ sceneSwitcher()

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::sceneSwitcher ( const EntranceInfo entrance)

Definition at line 533 of file scenes.cpp.

◆ setArcadeOverlay()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::setArcadeOverlay ( int  picId)

Definition at line 305 of file input.cpp.

◆ setCursor()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::setCursor ( int  id)

Definition at line 122 of file input.cpp.

◆ setLevelStates()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::setLevelStates ( )

Definition at line 128 of file init.cpp.

◆ setMusicAllowed()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::setMusicAllowed ( int  val)

Definition at line 115 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ setMusicVolume()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::setMusicVolume ( int  vol)

Definition at line 525 of file sound.cpp.

◆ setObjectState()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::setObjectState ( const Common::String name,
int  state 

Definition at line 550 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ setSceneMusicParameters()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::setSceneMusicParameters ( GameVar var)

Definition at line 225 of file sound.cpp.

◆ setSwallowedEggsState()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::setSwallowedEggsState ( )

Definition at line 38 of file scene03.cpp.

◆ shouldQuit()

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::shouldQuit ( )

Definition at line 229 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ startSceneTrack()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::startSceneTrack ( )

Definition at line 286 of file sound.cpp.

◆ startSoundStream1()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::startSoundStream1 ( const Common::String trackName)

Definition at line 343 of file sound.cpp.

◆ stopAllSoundInstances()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::stopAllSoundInstances ( int  id)

Definition at line 506 of file sound.cpp.

◆ stopAllSounds()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::stopAllSounds ( )

Definition at line 365 of file sound.cpp.

◆ stopAllSoundStreams()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::stopAllSoundStreams ( )

Definition at line 497 of file sound.cpp.

◆ stopSoundStream2()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::stopSoundStream2 ( )

Definition at line 488 of file sound.cpp.

◆ toggleMute()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::toggleMute ( )

Definition at line 372 of file sound.cpp.

◆ updateCursorCommon()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::updateCursorCommon ( )

Definition at line 193 of file input.cpp.

◆ updateEvents()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::updateEvents ( )

Definition at line 339 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ updateMap()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::updateMap ( PreloadItem pre)

Definition at line 1146 of file scenes.cpp.

◆ updateMapPiece()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::updateMapPiece ( int  mapId,
int  update 

Definition at line 1131 of file scenes.cpp.

◆ updateScreen()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::updateScreen ( void  )

Definition at line 486 of file fullpipe.cpp.

◆ updateSoundVolume()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::updateSoundVolume ( )

Definition at line 515 of file sound.cpp.

◆ updateTrackDelay()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::updateTrackDelay ( )

Definition at line 281 of file sound.cpp.

◆ winArcade()

void Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::winArcade ( )

Definition at line 185 of file input.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _aniHandler

Common::ScopedPtr<AniHandler> Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_aniHandler

Definition at line 227 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _aniMan

StaticANIObject* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_aniMan

Definition at line 161 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _aniMan2

StaticANIObject* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_aniMan2

Definition at line 162 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _arcadeKeys

Common::Array<Common::Point> Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_arcadeKeys

Definition at line 229 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _arcadeOverlay

PictureObject* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_arcadeOverlay

Definition at line 305 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _arcadeOverlayHelper

PictureObject* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_arcadeOverlayHelper

Definition at line 306 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _arcadeOverlayMidX

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_arcadeOverlayMidX

Definition at line 309 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _arcadeOverlayMidY

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_arcadeOverlayMidY

Definition at line 310 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _arcadeOverlayX

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_arcadeOverlayX

Definition at line 307 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _arcadeOverlayY

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_arcadeOverlayY

Definition at line 308 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _backgroundSurface

Graphics::Surface Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_backgroundSurface

Definition at line 130 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _behaviorManager

Common::ScopedPtr<BehaviorManager> Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_behaviorManager

Definition at line 222 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _buttonState

uint16 Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_buttonState

Definition at line 126 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _currArchive

NGIArchive* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_currArchive

Definition at line 299 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _currentCheat

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_currentCheat

Definition at line 169 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _currentCheatPos

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_currentCheatPos

Definition at line 170 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _currentScene

Scene* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_currentScene

Definition at line 157 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _currSelectedInventoryItemId

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_currSelectedInventoryItemId

Definition at line 263 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _currSoundList1

SoundList* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_currSoundList1[11]

Definition at line 174 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _currSoundListCount

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_currSoundListCount

Definition at line 175 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _cursorId

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_cursorId

Definition at line 277 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _defaultPalette

Palette Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_defaultPalette

Definition at line 163 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _exCommandList

Common::List<ExCommand *> Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_exCommandList

Definition at line 215 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _flgCanOpenMap

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_flgCanOpenMap

Definition at line 147 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _flgGameIsRunning

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_flgGameIsRunning

Definition at line 149 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _flgPlayIntro

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_flgPlayIntro

Definition at line 243 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _flgSoundList

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_flgSoundList

Definition at line 177 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _floaters

Common::ScopedPtr<Floaters> Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_floaters

Definition at line 226 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _gameContinue

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_gameContinue

Definition at line 241 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _gameDescription

const ADGameDescription* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_gameDescription

Definition at line 118 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _gameLoader

Common::ScopedPtr<GameLoader> Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_gameLoader

Definition at line 133 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _gameObjH

GameObjHMap Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_gameObjH

Definition at line 352 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _gamePaused

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_gamePaused

Definition at line 148 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _gameProject

GameProject* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_gameProject

Definition at line 134 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _gameProjectVersion

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_gameProjectVersion

Definition at line 143 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _globalMessageQueueList

Common::ScopedPtr<GlobalMessageQueueList> Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_globalMessageQueueList

Definition at line 207 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _globalPalette

const Palette* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_globalPalette

Definition at line 164 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _inputArFlag

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_inputArFlag

Definition at line 150 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _inputController

InputController* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_inputController

Definition at line 166 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _inputDisabled

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_inputDisabled

Definition at line 167 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _inventory

Inventory2* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_inventory

Definition at line 262 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _inventoryScene

Scene* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_inventoryScene

Definition at line 261 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _isProcessingMessages

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_isProcessingMessages

Definition at line 216 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _isSaveAllowed

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_isSaveAllowed

Definition at line 356 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _keyState

Common::KeyCode Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_keyState

Definition at line 125 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _lastButtonUpTicks

int32 Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_lastButtonUpTicks

Definition at line 267 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _lastInputTicks

int32 Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_lastInputTicks

Definition at line 266 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _lastLiftButton

StaticANIObject* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_lastLiftButton

Definition at line 320 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _lift

StaticANIObject* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_lift

Definition at line 323 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _liftEnterMQ

MessageQueue* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_liftEnterMQ

Definition at line 321 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _liftExitMQ

MessageQueue* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_liftExitMQ

Definition at line 322 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _liftX

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_liftX

Definition at line 324 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _liftY

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_liftY

Definition at line 325 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _loaderScene

Scene* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_loaderScene

Definition at line 158 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _mainMenu_debugEnabled

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_mainMenu_debugEnabled

Definition at line 152 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _mapTable

int32 Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_mapTable[200]

Definition at line 259 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _maxCursorId

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_maxCursorId

Definition at line 279 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _messageHandlers

MessageHandler* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_messageHandlers

Definition at line 208 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _minCursorId

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_minCursorId

Definition at line 278 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _modalObject

BaseModalObject* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_modalObject

Definition at line 269 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _mouseScreenPos

Common::Point Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_mouseScreenPos

Definition at line 220 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _mouseVirtX

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_mouseVirtX

Definition at line 218 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _mouseVirtY

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_mouseVirtY

Definition at line 219 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _movTable

Common::ScopedPtr<MovTable> Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_movTable

Definition at line 224 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _msgId

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_msgId

Definition at line 213 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _msgObjectId2

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_msgObjectId2

Definition at line 212 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _msgX

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_msgX

Definition at line 210 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _msgY

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_msgY

Definition at line 211 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _musicAllowed

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_musicAllowed

Definition at line 244 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _musicGameVar

GameVar* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_musicGameVar

Definition at line 344 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _musicLocal

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_musicLocal

Definition at line 183 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _musicMaxDelay

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_musicMaxDelay

Definition at line 182 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _musicMinDelay

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_musicMinDelay

Definition at line 181 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _musicVolume

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_musicVolume

Definition at line 205 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _needRestart

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_needRestart

Definition at line 242 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _normalSpeed

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_normalSpeed

Definition at line 245 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _numSceneTracks

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_numSceneTracks

Definition at line 179 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _objectAtCursor

GameObject* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_objectAtCursor

Definition at line 281 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _objectIdAtCursor

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_objectIdAtCursor

Definition at line 282 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _objectIdCursors

Common::Array<int> Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_objectIdCursors

Definition at line 280 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _origFormat

Graphics::PixelFormat Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_origFormat

Definition at line 131 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _pictureScale

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_pictureScale

Definition at line 144 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _recordEvents

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_recordEvents

Definition at line 151 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _rnd

Common::RandomSource Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_rnd

Definition at line 123 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _scene2

Scene* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_scene2

Definition at line 159 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _scene3

Scene* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_scene3

Definition at line 160 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _sceneHeight

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_sceneHeight

Definition at line 156 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _sceneRect

Common::Rect Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_sceneRect

Definition at line 154 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _sceneTrackHasSequence

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_sceneTrackHasSequence

Definition at line 180 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _sceneTrackIsPlaying

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_sceneTrackIsPlaying

Definition at line 187 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _sceneTracks

Common::String Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_sceneTracks[10]

Definition at line 178 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _sceneTracksCurrentTrack

Common::String Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_sceneTracksCurrentTrack

Definition at line 186 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _sceneWidth

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_sceneWidth

Definition at line 155 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _scrollSpeed

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_scrollSpeed

Definition at line 145 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _sfxVolume

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_sfxVolume

Definition at line 204 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _soundEnabled

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_soundEnabled

Definition at line 176 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _soundStream1

Audio::SoundHandle Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_soundStream1

Definition at line 345 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _soundStream2

Audio::SoundHandle Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_soundStream2

Definition at line 346 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _soundStream3

Audio::SoundHandle Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_soundStream3

Definition at line 347 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _soundStream4

Audio::SoundHandle Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_soundStream4

Definition at line 348 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _stream2playing

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_stream2playing

Definition at line 350 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _trackName

Common::String Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_trackName

Definition at line 184 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _trackStartDelay

int Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_trackStartDelay

Definition at line 185 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _updateCursorCallback

int(* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_updateCursorCallback) ()

Definition at line 272 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _updateFlag

bool Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_updateFlag

Definition at line 146 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _updateScreenCallback

int(* Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_updateScreenCallback) ()

Definition at line 271 of file fullpipe.h.

◆ _updateTicks

int32 Fullpipe::FullpipeEngine::_updateTicks

Definition at line 265 of file fullpipe.h.

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