Glk::Windows Class Reference

Main windows manager. More...

#include <windows.h>

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class  iterator

Public Member Functions

 Windows (Graphics::Screen *screen)
 Constructor. More...
 ~Windows ()
 Destructor. More...
WindowwindowOpen (Window *splitwin, uint method, uint size, uint wintype, uint rock)
 Open a new window. More...
void windowClose (Window *win, StreamResult *result=nullptr)
 Close an existing window. More...
WindowgetRoot () const
 Return the root window. More...
WindowgetFocusWindow () const
 Gets the focused window. More...
void setFocus (Window *win)
 Setst the focused window. More...
void inputGuessFocus ()
 Pick first window which might want input. More...
void inputHandleKey (uint key)
 Handle input keypress. More...
void inputHandleClick (const Point &pos)
 Handle mouse clicks. More...
void selectionChanged ()
void clearClaimSelect ()
void rearrange ()
 Rearrange windows. More...
void redraw ()
void redrawRect (const Rect &r)
void repaint (const Rect &box)
 Repaint an area of the windows. More...
iterator begin ()
 Get an iterator that will move over the tree. More...
iterator end ()
 Returns the end point of window iteration. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static uint rgbShift (uint color)

Static Public Attributes

static bool _overrideReverse
static bool _overrideFgSet
static bool _overrideBgSet
static bool _forceRedraw
static bool _claimSelect
static bool _moreFocus
static uint _overrideFgVal
static uint _overrideBgVal
static uint _zcolor_fg
static uint _zcolor_bg
static uint _zcolor_LightGrey
static uint _zcolor_Foreground
static uint _zcolor_Background
static uint _zcolor_Bright

Private Member Functions

WindownewWindow (uint type, uint rock)
 Create a new window. More...
PairWindownewPairWindow (uint method, Window *key, uint size)
 Create a new pair window. More...
void refocus (Window *win)
 Set the window focus. More...
WindowiterateTreeOrder (Window *win)
 Used to loop over windows in tree order. More...
void inputMoreFocus ()
 Pick first window which has a more request. More...
void inputNextFocus ()
void inputScrollFocus ()
 Pick first window which might want scrolling. More...

Private Attributes

 List of all windows. More...
 The topmost window. More...
 The window selected by the player. More...
bool _drawSelect


class Window
class iterator

Detailed Description

Main windows manager.

Definition at line 51 of file windows.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Windows()

Glk::Windows::Windows ( Graphics::Screen screen)


Definition at line 54 of file windows.cpp.

◆ ~Windows()

Glk::Windows::~Windows ( )


Definition at line 72 of file windows.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

iterator Glk::Windows::begin ( )

Get an iterator that will move over the tree.

Definition at line 235 of file windows.h.

◆ clearClaimSelect()

void Glk::Windows::clearClaimSelect ( )

Definition at line 214 of file windows.h.

◆ end()

iterator Glk::Windows::end ( )

Returns the end point of window iteration.

Definition at line 242 of file windows.h.

◆ getFocusWindow()

Window* Glk::Windows::getFocusWindow ( ) const

Gets the focused window.

Definition at line 186 of file windows.h.

◆ getRoot()

Window* Glk::Windows::getRoot ( ) const

Return the root window.

Definition at line 179 of file windows.h.

◆ inputGuessFocus()

void Glk::Windows::inputGuessFocus ( )

Pick first window which might want input.

This is called after every keystroke.

Definition at line 303 of file windows.cpp.

◆ inputHandleClick()

void Glk::Windows::inputHandleClick ( const Point pos)

Handle mouse clicks.

Definition at line 414 of file windows.cpp.

◆ inputHandleKey()

void Glk::Windows::inputHandleKey ( uint  key)

Handle input keypress.

Definition at line 363 of file windows.cpp.

◆ inputMoreFocus()

void Glk::Windows::inputMoreFocus ( )

Pick first window which has a more request.

Definition at line 321 of file windows.cpp.

◆ inputNextFocus()

void Glk::Windows::inputNextFocus ( )

Definition at line 333 of file windows.cpp.

◆ inputScrollFocus()

void Glk::Windows::inputScrollFocus ( )

Pick first window which might want scrolling.

This is called after pressing page keys.

Definition at line 351 of file windows.cpp.

◆ iterateTreeOrder()

Window * Glk::Windows::iterateTreeOrder ( Window win)

Used to loop over windows in tree order.

Definition at line 490 of file windows.cpp.

◆ newPairWindow()

PairWindow * Glk::Windows::newPairWindow ( uint  method,
Window key,
uint  size 

Create a new pair window.

Definition at line 263 of file windows.cpp.

◆ newWindow()

Window * Glk::Windows::newWindow ( uint  type,
uint  rock 

Create a new window.

Definition at line 233 of file windows.cpp.

◆ rearrange()

void Glk::Windows::rearrange ( )

Rearrange windows.

Definition at line 273 of file windows.cpp.

◆ redraw()

void Glk::Windows::redraw ( )

Definition at line 425 of file windows.cpp.

◆ redrawRect()

void Glk::Windows::redrawRect ( const Rect r)

Definition at line 442 of file windows.cpp.

◆ refocus()

void Glk::Windows::refocus ( Window win)

Set the window focus.

Definition at line 476 of file windows.cpp.

◆ repaint()

void Glk::Windows::repaint ( const Rect box)

Repaint an area of the windows.

Definition at line 447 of file windows.cpp.

◆ rgbShift()

uint Glk::Windows::rgbShift ( uint  color)

Definition at line 451 of file windows.cpp.

◆ selectionChanged()

void Glk::Windows::selectionChanged ( )

Definition at line 419 of file windows.cpp.

◆ setFocus()

void Glk::Windows::setFocus ( Window win)

Setst the focused window.

Definition at line 193 of file windows.h.

◆ windowClose()

void Glk::Windows::windowClose ( Window win,
StreamResult result = nullptr 

Close an existing window.

Definition at line 167 of file windows.cpp.

◆ windowOpen()

Window * Glk::Windows::windowOpen ( Window splitwin,
uint  method,
uint  size,
uint  wintype,
uint  rock 

Open a new window.

Definition at line 76 of file windows.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ iterator

friend class iterator

Definition at line 95 of file windows.h.

◆ Window

friend class Window

Definition at line 52 of file windows.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _claimSelect

bool Glk::Windows::_claimSelect

Definition at line 143 of file windows.h.

◆ _drawSelect

bool Glk::Windows::_drawSelect

Definition at line 101 of file windows.h.

◆ _focusWin

Window* Glk::Windows::_focusWin

The window selected by the player.

Definition at line 100 of file windows.h.

◆ _forceRedraw

bool Glk::Windows::_forceRedraw

Definition at line 142 of file windows.h.

◆ _moreFocus

bool Glk::Windows::_moreFocus

Definition at line 144 of file windows.h.

◆ _overrideBgSet

bool Glk::Windows::_overrideBgSet

Definition at line 141 of file windows.h.

◆ _overrideBgVal

uint Glk::Windows::_overrideBgVal

Definition at line 146 of file windows.h.

◆ _overrideFgSet

bool Glk::Windows::_overrideFgSet

Definition at line 140 of file windows.h.

◆ _overrideFgVal

uint Glk::Windows::_overrideFgVal

Definition at line 145 of file windows.h.

◆ _overrideReverse

bool Glk::Windows::_overrideReverse

Definition at line 139 of file windows.h.

◆ _rootWin

Window* Glk::Windows::_rootWin

The topmost window.

Definition at line 99 of file windows.h.

◆ _screen

Graphics::Screen* Glk::Windows::_screen

Definition at line 97 of file windows.h.

◆ _windowList

Window* Glk::Windows::_windowList

List of all windows.

Definition at line 98 of file windows.h.

◆ _zcolor_Background

uint Glk::Windows::_zcolor_Background

Definition at line 150 of file windows.h.

◆ _zcolor_bg

uint Glk::Windows::_zcolor_bg

Definition at line 147 of file windows.h.

◆ _zcolor_Bright

uint Glk::Windows::_zcolor_Bright

Definition at line 151 of file windows.h.

◆ _zcolor_fg

uint Glk::Windows::_zcolor_fg

Definition at line 147 of file windows.h.

◆ _zcolor_Foreground

uint Glk::Windows::_zcolor_Foreground

Definition at line 149 of file windows.h.

◆ _zcolor_LightGrey

uint Glk::Windows::_zcolor_LightGrey

Definition at line 148 of file windows.h.

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