Kyra::GameFlags Struct Reference

#include <kyra_v1.h>

Public Attributes

Common::Language lang
Common::Language fanLang
Common::Language replacedLang
Common::Platform platform
bool isDemo: 1
bool useAltShapeHeader: 1
bool isTalkie: 1
bool isOldFloppy: 1
bool useHiRes: 1
bool use16ColorMode: 1
bool useHiColorMode: 1
bool useDigSound: 1
bool useInstallerPackage: 1
byte gameID

Detailed Description

Definition at line 110 of file kyra_v1.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fanLang

Common::Language Kyra::GameFlags::fanLang

Definition at line 114 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ gameID

byte Kyra::GameFlags::gameID

Definition at line 129 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ isDemo

bool Kyra::GameFlags::isDemo

Definition at line 119 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ isOldFloppy

bool Kyra::GameFlags::isOldFloppy

Definition at line 122 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ isTalkie

bool Kyra::GameFlags::isTalkie

Definition at line 121 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ lang

Common::Language Kyra::GameFlags::lang

Definition at line 111 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ platform

Common::Platform Kyra::GameFlags::platform

Definition at line 117 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ replacedLang

Common::Language Kyra::GameFlags::replacedLang

Definition at line 115 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ use16ColorMode

bool Kyra::GameFlags::use16ColorMode

Definition at line 124 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ useAltShapeHeader

bool Kyra::GameFlags::useAltShapeHeader

Definition at line 120 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ useDigSound

bool Kyra::GameFlags::useDigSound

Definition at line 126 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ useHiColorMode

bool Kyra::GameFlags::useHiColorMode

Definition at line 125 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ useHiRes

bool Kyra::GameFlags::useHiRes

Definition at line 123 of file kyra_v1.h.

◆ useInstallerPackage

bool Kyra::GameFlags::useInstallerPackage

Definition at line 127 of file kyra_v1.h.

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