thumbnail.cpp File Reference
#include "graphics/thumbnail.h"
#include "graphics/scaler.h"
#include "graphics/colormasks.h"
#include "common/endian.h"
#include "common/algorithm.h"
#include "common/system.h"
#include "common/stream.h"
#include "common/textconsole.h"
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#define THMB_VERSION   2
#define ThumbnailHeaderSize   (4+4+1+2+2+(1+4+4))


enum  Graphics::@7959::HeaderState


bool Graphics::checkThumbnailHeader (Common::SeekableReadStream &in)
 Checks for presence of the thumbnail save header. More...
bool Graphics::skipThumbnail (Common::SeekableReadStream &in)
 Skips a thumbnail, if present. More...
bool Graphics::loadThumbnail (Common::SeekableReadStream &in, Graphics::Surface *&thumbnail, bool skipThumbnail=false)
 Loads a thumbnail from the given input stream. More...
bool Graphics::saveThumbnail (Common::WriteStream &out)
 Saves a thumbnail to the given write stream. More...
bool Graphics::saveThumbnail (Common::WriteStream &out, const Graphics::Surface &thumb)
 Saves a (given) thumbnail to the given write stream. More...
intGraphics::scaleLine (int size, int srcSize)
 Returns an array indicating which pixels of a source image horizontally or vertically get included in a scaled image. More...
Graphics::SurfaceGraphics::scale (const Graphics::Surface &srcImage, int xSize, int ySize)
 Scales a passed surface, creating a new surface with the result. More...

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#define THMB_VERSION   2

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◆ ThumbnailHeaderSize

#define ThumbnailHeaderSize   (4+4+1+2+2+(1+4+4))

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◆ HeaderState

enum Graphics::@7959::HeaderState

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◆ format

PixelFormat format

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◆ height

uint16 height

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◆ size

uint32 size

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◆ type

uint32 type

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◆ version

byte version

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◆ width

uint16 width

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