textconsole.cpp File Reference

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 This is the namespace of the AGOS engine.


void Common::setErrorOutputFormatter (OutputFormatter f)
 Set the output formatter used by error(). More...
void Common::setErrorHandler (ErrorHandler handler)
 Set a callback that is invoked by error() after the error message has been printed, but before the application is terminated. More...
void warning (const char *s,...)
 Print a warning message to the text console (stderr). More...
void NORETURN_PRE error (const char *s,...)


static OutputFormatter Common::s_errorOutputFormatter = nullptr
static ErrorHandler Common::s_errorHandler = nullptr

Function Documentation

◆ error()

void NORETURN_PRE error ( const char *  s,

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◆ warning()

void warning ( const char *  s,

Print a warning message to the text console (stderr).

Automatically prepends the text "WARNING: " and appends an exclamation mark and a newline.

Definition at line 49 of file textconsole.cpp.