Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album Struct Reference
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struct  PageMovie

Public Attributes

PageMovie leftPage
PageMovie rightPage
int curPage
int nextPage
bool running
bool isPage14

Detailed Description

Definition at line 536 of file kyra_mr.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ backUpPage

uint8* Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album::backUpPage

Definition at line 537 of file kyra_mr.h.

◆ backUpRect

uint8* Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album::backUpRect

Definition at line 540 of file kyra_mr.h.

◆ curPage

int Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album::curPage

Definition at line 551 of file kyra_mr.h.

◆ file

uint8* Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album::file

Definition at line 538 of file kyra_mr.h.

◆ isPage14

bool Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album::isPage14

Definition at line 553 of file kyra_mr.h.

◆ leftPage

PageMovie Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album::leftPage

Definition at line 549 of file kyra_mr.h.

◆ nextPage

int Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album::nextPage

Definition at line 551 of file kyra_mr.h.

◆ rightPage

PageMovie Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album::rightPage

Definition at line 549 of file kyra_mr.h.

◆ running

bool Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album::running

Definition at line 552 of file kyra_mr.h.

◆ wsa

WSAMovie_v2* Kyra::KyraEngine_MR::Album::wsa

Definition at line 539 of file kyra_mr.h.

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