BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine Class Reference

#include <bladerunner.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BladeRunnerEngine (OSystem *syst, const ADGameDescription *desc)
 ~BladeRunnerEngine () override
bool hasFeature (EngineFeature f) const override
 Determine whether the engine supports the specified feature. More...
bool canLoadGameStateCurrently () override
 Indicates whether a game state can be loaded. More...
Common::Error loadGameState (int slot) override
 Load a game state. More...
bool canSaveGameStateCurrently () override
 Indicates whether a game state can be saved. More...
Common::Error saveGameState (int slot, const Common::String &desc, bool isAutosave=false) override
 Save a game state. More...
void pauseEngineIntern (bool pause) override
 Actual implementation of pauseEngine by subclasses. More...
Common::Error run () override
 Init the engine and start its main loop. More...
bool checkFiles (Common::Array< Common::String > &missingFiles)
bool startup (bool hasSavegames=false)
void initChapterAndScene ()
void shutdown ()
bool loadSplash ()
Common::Point getMousePos () const
bool isMouseButtonDown () const
void gameLoop ()
void gameTick ()
void actorsUpdate ()
void walkingReset ()
void handleEvents ()
void handleKeyUp (Common::Event &event)
void handleKeyDown (Common::Event &event)
void handleMouseAction (int x, int y, bool mainButton, bool buttonDown, int scrollDirection=0)
void handleMouseClickExit (int exitId, int x, int y, bool buttonDown)
void handleMouseClickRegion (int regionId, int x, int y, bool buttonDown)
void handleMouseClickItem (int itemId, bool buttonDown)
void handleMouseClickActor (int actorId, bool mainButton, bool buttonDown, Vector3 &scenePosition, int x, int y)
void handleMouseClick3DObject (int objectId, bool buttonDown, bool isClickable, bool isTarget)
void handleMouseClickEmpty (int x, int y, Vector3 &scenePosition, bool buttonDown)
void gameWaitForActive ()
void loopActorSpeaking ()
void loopQueuedDialogueStillPlaying ()
 To be used only for when there is a chance an ongoing dialogue in a dialogue queue might be interrupted AND that is unwanted behavior (sometimes, it's intended that the dialogue can be interrupted without necessarily being finished). More...
void outtakePlay (int id, bool no_localization, int container=-1)
bool openArchive (const Common::String &name)
bool closeArchive (const Common::String &name)
bool isArchiveOpen (const Common::String &name) const
void syncSoundSettings () override
 Notify the engine that the sound settings in the config manager may have changed and that it hence should adjust any internal volume etc. More...
bool isSubtitlesEnabled ()
void setSubtitlesEnabled (bool newVal)
Common::SeekableReadStreamgetResourceStream (const Common::String &name)
bool playerHasControl ()
void playerLosesControl ()
void playerGainsControl (bool force=false)
void playerDied ()
bool saveGame (Common::WriteStream &stream, Graphics::Surface &thumbnail)
bool loadGame (Common::SeekableReadStream &stream)
void newGame (int difficulty)
void autoSaveGame (int textId, bool endgame)
void ISez (const Common::String &str)
void blitToScreen (const Graphics::Surface &src) const
Graphics::Surface generateThumbnail () const
Common::String getTargetName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Engine
 Engine (OSystem *syst)
virtual ~Engine ()
virtual void initializePath (const Common::FSNode &gamePath)
 Init SearchMan according to the game path. More...
virtual void errorString (const char *buf_input, char *buf_output, int buf_output_size)
 Prepare an error string, which is printed by the error() function. More...
virtual GUI::DebuggergetDebugger ()
 Return the engine's debugger instance, if any. More...
void setDebugger (GUI::Debugger *debugger)
 Sets the engine's debugger. More...
GUI::DebuggergetOrCreateDebugger ()
 Return the engine's debugger instance, or create one if none is present. More...
virtual void flipMute ()
 Flip mute all sound option. More...
virtual Common::String getSaveStateName (int slot) const
 Generates the savegame filename. More...
virtual Common::Error loadGameStream (Common::SeekableReadStream *stream)
 Load a game state. More...
void setGameToLoadSlot (int slot)
 Sets the game slot for a savegame to be loaded after global main menu execution. More...
virtual Common::Error saveGameStream (Common::WriteStream *stream, bool isAutosave=false)
 Save a game state. More...
bool saveGameDialog ()
 Shows the ScummVM save dialog, allowing users to save their game. More...
bool loadGameDialog ()
 Shows the ScummVM Restore dialog, allowing users to load a game. More...
void pauseEngine (bool pause)
 Pause or resume the engine. More...
bool isPaused () const
 Return whether the engine is currently paused or not. More...
void openMainMenuDialog ()
 Run the Global Main Menu Dialog. More...
uint32 getTotalPlayTime () const
 Get the total play time. More...
void setTotalPlayTime (uint32 time=0)
 Set the game time counter to the specified time. More...
Common::TimerManagergetTimerManager ()
Common::EventManagergetEventManager ()
Common::SaveFileManagergetSaveFileManager ()
void checkCD ()
 On some systems, check if the game appears to be run from CD. More...
void handleAutoSave ()
 Checks for whether it's time to do an autosave, and if so, does it. More...
void saveAutosaveIfEnabled ()
 Does an autosave immediately if autosaves are turned on. More...
virtual bool canSaveAutosaveCurrently ()
 Indicates whether an autosave can currently be saved. More...
virtual int getAutosaveSlot () const
 Returns the slot that should be used for autosaves. More...
bool shouldPerformAutoSave (int lastSaveTime)

Public Attributes

bool _gameIsRunning
bool _windowIsActive
int _playerLosesControlCounter
Common::String _languageCode
Common::Language _language
bool _russianCP1251
SceneScript * _sceneScript
int * _gameVars
Actor_actors [kActorCount]
Graphics::PixelFormat _screenPixelFormat
Graphics::Surface _surfaceFront
Graphics::Surface _surfaceBack
Common::RandomSource _rnd
bool _isWalkingInterruptible
bool _interruptWalking
bool _playerActorIdle
bool _playerDead
bool _actorIsSpeaking
bool _actorSpeakStopIsRequested
bool _gameOver
int _gameAutoSaveTextId
bool _gameIsAutoSaving
bool _gameIsLoading
bool _sceneIsLoading
bool _vqaIsPlaying
bool _vqaStopIsRequested
bool _subtitlesEnabled
bool _sitcomMode
bool _shortyMode
bool _noDelayMillisFramelimiter
bool _framesPerSecondMax
bool _cutContent
int _walkSoundId
int _walkSoundVolume
int _walkSoundPan
int _runningActorId
uint32 _mouseClickTimeLast
uint32 _mouseClickTimeDiff
int _walkingToExitId
bool _isInsideScriptExit
int _walkingToRegionId
bool _isInsideScriptRegion
int _walkingToObjectId
bool _isInsideScriptObject
int _walkingToItemId
bool _isInsideScriptItem
bool _walkingToEmpty
int _walkingToEmptyX
int _walkingToEmptyY
bool _isInsideScriptEmpty
int _walkingToActorId
bool _isInsideScriptActor
int _actorUpdateCounter
uint32 _actorUpdateTimeLast
uint32 _timeOfMainGameLoopTickPrevious
- Public Attributes inherited from Engine

Static Public Attributes

static const int kArchiveCount = 12
static const int kActorCount = 100
static const int kActorVoiceOver = kActorCount - 1
static const int kBladeRunnerScummVMVersion = 2

Private Attributes

MIXArchive _archives [kArchiveCount]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Engine
enum  EngineFeature { kSupportsSubtitleOptions, kSupportsRTL, kSupportsLoadingDuringRuntime, kSupportsSavingDuringRuntime }
 A feature in this context means an ability of the engine which can be either available or not. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Engine
static void quitGame ()
 Request the engine to quit. More...
static bool shouldQuit ()
 Return whether the ENGINE should quit respectively should return to the launcher. More...
static MetaEnginegetMetaEngine ()
static bool warnUserAboutUnsupportedGame ()
 Display a warning to the user that the game is not fully supported. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Engine
virtual int runDialog (GUI::Dialog &dialog)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Engine
const Common::String _targetName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 108 of file bladerunner.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BladeRunnerEngine()

BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::BladeRunnerEngine ( OSystem syst,
const ADGameDescription desc 

Definition at line 98 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ ~BladeRunnerEngine()

BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::~BladeRunnerEngine ( )

Definition at line 229 of file bladerunner.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ actorsUpdate()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::actorsUpdate ( )

Definition at line 1161 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ autoSaveGame()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::autoSaveGame ( int  textId,
bool  endgame 

Definition at line 2266 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ blitToScreen()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::blitToScreen ( const Graphics::Surface src) const

Definition at line 2301 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ canLoadGameStateCurrently()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::canLoadGameStateCurrently ( )

Indicates whether a game state can be loaded.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 240 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ canSaveGameStateCurrently()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::canSaveGameStateCurrently ( )

Indicates whether a game state can be saved.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 275 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ checkFiles()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::checkFiles ( Common::Array< Common::String > &  missingFiles)

Definition at line 420 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ closeArchive()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::closeArchive ( const Common::String name)

Definition at line 1900 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ gameLoop()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::gameLoop ( )

Definition at line 989 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ gameTick()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::gameTick ( )

Definition at line 1000 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ gameWaitForActive()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::gameWaitForActive ( )

Definition at line 1829 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ generateThumbnail()

Graphics::Surface BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::generateThumbnail ( ) const

Definition at line 2307 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ getMousePos()

Common::Point BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::getMousePos ( ) const

Definition at line 978 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ getResourceStream()

Common::SeekableReadStream * BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::getResourceStream ( const Common::String name)

Definition at line 1958 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ getTargetName()

Common::String BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::getTargetName ( ) const

Definition at line 2327 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ handleEvents()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::handleEvents ( )

Definition at line 1216 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ handleKeyDown()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::handleKeyDown ( Common::Event event)

Definition at line 1282 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ handleKeyUp()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::handleKeyUp ( Common::Event event)

Definition at line 1271 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ handleMouseAction()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::handleMouseAction ( int  x,
int  y,
bool  mainButton,
bool  buttonDown,
int  scrollDirection = 0 

Definition at line 1367 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ handleMouseClick3DObject()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::handleMouseClick3DObject ( int  objectId,
bool  buttonDown,
bool  isClickable,
bool  isTarget 

Definition at line 1566 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ handleMouseClickActor()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::handleMouseClickActor ( int  actorId,
bool  mainButton,
bool  buttonDown,
Vector3 scenePosition,
int  x,
int  y 

Definition at line 1753 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ handleMouseClickEmpty()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::handleMouseClickEmpty ( int  x,
int  y,
Vector3 scenePosition,
bool  buttonDown 

Definition at line 1621 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ handleMouseClickExit()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::handleMouseClickExit ( int  exitId,
int  x,
int  y,
bool  buttonDown 

Definition at line 1502 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ handleMouseClickItem()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::handleMouseClickItem ( int  itemId,
bool  buttonDown 

Definition at line 1699 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ handleMouseClickRegion()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::handleMouseClickRegion ( int  regionId,
int  x,
int  y,
bool  buttonDown 

Definition at line 1534 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ hasFeature()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::hasFeature ( EngineFeature  f) const

Determine whether the engine supports the specified feature.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 233 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ initChapterAndScene()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::initChapterAndScene ( )

Definition at line 709 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ isArchiveOpen()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::isArchiveOpen ( const Common::String name) const

Definition at line 1912 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ ISez()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::ISez ( const Common::String str)

Definition at line 2297 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ isMouseButtonDown()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::isMouseButtonDown ( ) const

Definition at line 985 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ isSubtitlesEnabled()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::isSubtitlesEnabled ( )

Definition at line 1949 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ loadGame()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::loadGame ( Common::SeekableReadStream stream)

Definition at line 2111 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ loadGameState()

Common::Error BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::loadGameState ( int  slot)

Load a game state.

slotthe slot from which a savestate should be loaded
returns kNoError on success, else an error code.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 251 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ loadSplash()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::loadSplash ( )

Definition at line 965 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ loopActorSpeaking()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::loopActorSpeaking ( )

Definition at line 1835 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ loopQueuedDialogueStillPlaying()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::loopQueuedDialogueStillPlaying ( )

To be used only for when there is a chance an ongoing dialogue in a dialogue queue might be interrupted AND that is unwanted behavior (sometimes, it's intended that the dialogue can be interrupted without necessarily being finished).

Definition at line 1854 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ newGame()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::newGame ( int  difficulty)

Definition at line 2217 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ openArchive()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::openArchive ( const Common::String name)

Definition at line 1873 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ outtakePlay()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::outtakePlay ( int  id,
bool  no_localization,
int  container = -1 

Definition at line 1865 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ pauseEngineIntern()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::pauseEngineIntern ( bool  pause)

Actual implementation of pauseEngine by subclasses.

See there for details.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 313 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ playerDied()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::playerDied ( )

Definition at line 2013 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ playerGainsControl()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::playerGainsControl ( bool  force = false)

Definition at line 1995 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ playerHasControl()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::playerHasControl ( )

Definition at line 1985 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ playerLosesControl()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::playerLosesControl ( )

Definition at line 1989 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ run()

Common::Error BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::run ( )

Init the engine and start its main loop.

returns kNoError on success, else an error code.

Implements Engine.

Definition at line 317 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ saveGame()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::saveGame ( Common::WriteStream stream,
Graphics::Surface thumbnail 

Definition at line 2046 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ saveGameState()

Common::Error BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::saveGameState ( int  slot,
const Common::String desc,
bool  isAutosave = false 

Save a game state.

slotthe slot into which the savestate should be stored
desca description for the savestate, entered by the user
isAutosaveExpected to be true if an autosave is being created
returns kNoError on success, else an error code.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 286 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ setSubtitlesEnabled()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::setSubtitlesEnabled ( bool  newVal)

Definition at line 1953 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ shutdown()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::shutdown ( )

Definition at line 738 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ startup()

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::startup ( bool  hasSavegames = false)

Definition at line 467 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ syncSoundSettings()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::syncSoundSettings ( )

Notify the engine that the sound settings in the config manager may have changed and that it hence should adjust any internal volume etc.

values accordingly. The default implementation sets the volume levels of all mixer sound types according to the config entries of the active domain. When overwriting, call the default implementation first, then adjust the volumes further (if required).

When setting volume levels, respect the "mute" config entry.
The volume for the plain sound type is reset to the maximum volume. If the engine can associate its own value for this type, it needs to overwrite this member and set it accordingly.
find a better name for this

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 1921 of file bladerunner.cpp.

◆ walkingReset()

void BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::walkingReset ( )

Definition at line 1197 of file bladerunner.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _actorDialogueQueue

ActorDialogueQueue* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_actorDialogueQueue

Definition at line 130 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _actorIsSpeaking

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_actorIsSpeaking

Definition at line 205 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _actors

Actor* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_actors[kActorCount]

Definition at line 184 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _actorSpeakStopIsRequested

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_actorSpeakStopIsRequested

Definition at line 206 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _actorUpdateCounter

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_actorUpdateCounter

Definition at line 244 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _actorUpdateTimeLast

uint32 BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_actorUpdateTimeLast

Definition at line 245 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _aiScripts

AIScripts* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_aiScripts

Definition at line 132 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _ambientSounds

AmbientSounds* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_ambientSounds

Definition at line 133 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _archives

MIXArchive BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_archives[kArchiveCount]

Definition at line 250 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _audioCache

AudioCache* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_audioCache

Definition at line 134 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _audioMixer

AudioMixer* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_audioMixer

Definition at line 135 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _audioPlayer

AudioPlayer* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_audioPlayer

Definition at line 136 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _audioSpeech

AudioSpeech* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_audioSpeech

Definition at line 137 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _chapters

Chapters* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_chapters

Definition at line 138 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _combat

Combat* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_combat

Definition at line 140 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _cosTable1024

Common::CosineTable* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_cosTable1024

Definition at line 198 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _crimesDatabase

CrimesDatabase* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_crimesDatabase

Definition at line 139 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _cutContent

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_cutContent

Definition at line 219 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _debugger

Debugger* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_debugger

Definition at line 196 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _dialogueMenu

DialogueMenu* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_dialogueMenu

Definition at line 141 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _elevator

Elevator* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_elevator

Definition at line 142 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _endCredits

EndCredits* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_endCredits

Definition at line 143 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _esper

ESPER* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_esper

Definition at line 144 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _framelimiter

Framelimiter* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_framelimiter

Definition at line 169 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _framesPerSecondMax

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_framesPerSecondMax

Definition at line 218 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _gameAutoSaveTextId

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_gameAutoSaveTextId

Definition at line 208 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _gameFlags

GameFlags* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_gameFlags

Definition at line 145 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _gameInfo

GameInfo* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_gameInfo

Definition at line 146 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _gameIsAutoSaving

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_gameIsAutoSaving

Definition at line 209 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _gameIsLoading

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_gameIsLoading

Definition at line 210 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _gameIsRunning

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_gameIsRunning

Definition at line 122 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _gameOver

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_gameOver

Definition at line 207 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _gameVars

int* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_gameVars

Definition at line 172 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _interruptWalking

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_interruptWalking

Definition at line 202 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _isInsideScriptActor

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_isInsideScriptActor

Definition at line 242 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _isInsideScriptEmpty

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_isInsideScriptEmpty

Definition at line 240 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _isInsideScriptExit

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_isInsideScriptExit

Definition at line 230 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _isInsideScriptItem

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_isInsideScriptItem

Definition at line 236 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _isInsideScriptObject

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_isInsideScriptObject

Definition at line 234 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _isInsideScriptRegion

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_isInsideScriptRegion

Definition at line 232 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _isWalkingInterruptible

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_isWalkingInterruptible

Definition at line 201 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _itemPickup

ItemPickup* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_itemPickup

Definition at line 147 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _items

Items* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_items

Definition at line 148 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _kia

KIA* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_kia

Definition at line 149 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _language

Common::Language BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_language

Definition at line 127 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _languageCode

Common::String BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_languageCode

Definition at line 126 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _lights

Lights* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_lights

Definition at line 150 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _mainFont

Font* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_mainFont

Definition at line 151 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _mouse

Mouse* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_mouse

Definition at line 153 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _mouseClickTimeDiff

uint32 BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_mouseClickTimeDiff

Definition at line 227 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _mouseClickTimeLast

uint32 BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_mouseClickTimeLast

Definition at line 226 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _music

Music* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_music

Definition at line 154 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _noDelayMillisFramelimiter

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_noDelayMillisFramelimiter

Definition at line 217 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _obstacles

Obstacles* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_obstacles

Definition at line 155 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _overlays

Overlays* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_overlays

Definition at line 156 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _playerActor

Actor* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_playerActor

Definition at line 185 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _playerActorIdle

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_playerActorIdle

Definition at line 203 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _playerDead

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_playerDead

Definition at line 204 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _playerLosesControlCounter

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_playerLosesControlCounter

Definition at line 124 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _policeMaze

PoliceMaze* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_policeMaze

Definition at line 157 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _rnd

Common::RandomSource BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_rnd

Definition at line 194 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _runningActorId

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_runningActorId

Definition at line 224 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _russianCP1251

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_russianCP1251

Definition at line 128 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _scene

Scene* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_scene

Definition at line 158 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _sceneIsLoading

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_sceneIsLoading

Definition at line 211 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _sceneObjects

SceneObjects* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_sceneObjects

Definition at line 159 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _sceneScript

SceneScript* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_sceneScript

Definition at line 160 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _scores

Scores* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_scores

Definition at line 161 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _screenEffects

ScreenEffects* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_screenEffects

Definition at line 131 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _screenPixelFormat

Graphics::PixelFormat BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_screenPixelFormat

Definition at line 187 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _settings

Settings* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_settings

Definition at line 162 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _shapes

Shapes* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_shapes

Definition at line 182 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _shortyMode

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_shortyMode

Definition at line 216 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _sinTable1024

Common::SineTable* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_sinTable1024

Definition at line 199 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _sitcomMode

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_sitcomMode

Definition at line 215 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _sliceAnimations

SliceAnimations* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_sliceAnimations

Definition at line 163 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _sliceRenderer

SliceRenderer* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_sliceRenderer

Definition at line 164 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _spinner

Spinner* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_spinner

Definition at line 165 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _subtitles

Subtitles* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_subtitles

Definition at line 152 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _subtitlesEnabled

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_subtitlesEnabled

Definition at line 214 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _surfaceBack

Graphics::Surface BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_surfaceBack

Definition at line 190 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _surfaceFront

Graphics::Surface BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_surfaceFront

Definition at line 189 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _suspectsDatabase

SuspectsDatabase* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_suspectsDatabase

Definition at line 166 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _textActorNames

TextResource* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_textActorNames

Definition at line 174 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _textClueTypes

TextResource* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_textClueTypes

Definition at line 176 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _textCrimes

TextResource* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_textCrimes

Definition at line 175 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _textKIA

TextResource* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_textKIA

Definition at line 177 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _textOptions

TextResource* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_textOptions

Definition at line 180 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _textSpinnerDestinations

TextResource* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_textSpinnerDestinations

Definition at line 178 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _textVK

TextResource* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_textVK

Definition at line 179 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _time

Time* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_time

Definition at line 167 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _timeOfMainGameLoopTickPrevious

uint32 BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_timeOfMainGameLoopTickPrevious

Definition at line 247 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _view

View* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_view

Definition at line 168 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _vk

VK* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_vk

Definition at line 170 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _vqaIsPlaying

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_vqaIsPlaying

Definition at line 212 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _vqaStopIsRequested

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_vqaStopIsRequested

Definition at line 213 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkingToActorId

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkingToActorId

Definition at line 241 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkingToEmpty

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkingToEmpty

Definition at line 237 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkingToEmptyX

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkingToEmptyX

Definition at line 238 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkingToEmptyY

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkingToEmptyY

Definition at line 239 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkingToExitId

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkingToExitId

Definition at line 229 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkingToItemId

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkingToItemId

Definition at line 235 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkingToObjectId

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkingToObjectId

Definition at line 233 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkingToRegionId

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkingToRegionId

Definition at line 231 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkSoundId

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkSoundId

Definition at line 221 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkSoundPan

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkSoundPan

Definition at line 223 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _walkSoundVolume

int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_walkSoundVolume

Definition at line 222 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _waypoints

Waypoints* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_waypoints

Definition at line 171 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _windowIsActive

bool BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_windowIsActive

Definition at line 123 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ _zbuffer

ZBuffer* BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::_zbuffer

Definition at line 192 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ kActorCount

const int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::kActorCount = 100

Definition at line 111 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ kActorVoiceOver

const int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::kActorVoiceOver = kActorCount - 1

Definition at line 112 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ kArchiveCount

const int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::kArchiveCount = 12

Definition at line 110 of file bladerunner.h.

◆ kBladeRunnerScummVMVersion

const int BladeRunner::BladeRunnerEngine::kBladeRunnerScummVMVersion = 2

Definition at line 120 of file bladerunner.h.

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