Avalanche::AvalancheEngine Class Reference

#include <avalanche.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AvalancheEngine (OSystem *syst, const AvalancheGameDescription *gd)
 ~AvalancheEngine () override
Common::ErrorCode initialize ()
uint32 getFeatures () const
const char * getGameId () const
Common::Platform getPlatform () const
bool hasFeature (EngineFeature f) const override
 Determine whether the engine supports the specified feature. More...
const char * getCopyrightString () const
void synchronize (Common::Serializer &sz)
bool canSaveGameStateCurrently () override
 Indicates whether a game state can be saved. More...
Common::Error saveGameState (int slot, const Common::String &desc, bool isAutosave=false) override
 Save a game state. More...
bool saveGame (const int16 slot, const Common::String &desc)
bool canLoadGameStateCurrently () override
 Indicates whether a game state can be loaded. More...
Common::Error loadGameState (int slot) override
 Load a game state. More...
bool loadGame (const int16 slot)
Common::String expandDate (int d, int m, int y)
uint32 getTimeInSeconds ()
void updateEvents ()
bool getEvent (Common::Event &event)
Common::Point getMousePos ()
void callVerb (VerbCode id)
 Call a given Verb. More...
void loadBackground (byte num)
void loadRoom (byte num)
void thinkAbout (byte object, bool type)
void incScore (byte num)
void fxToggle ()
void refreshObjectList ()
void errorLed ()
void fadeOut ()
 Displays a fade out, full screen. More...
void fadeIn ()
 Displays a fade in, full screen. More...
void drawDirection ()
void gameOver ()
uint16 bearing (byte whichPed)
void minorRedraw ()
void spriteRun ()
Common::String intToStr (int32 num)
void newGame ()
bool getFlag (char x)
bool decreaseMoney (uint16 amount)
Common::String getName (People whose)
Common::String getItem (byte which)
Common::String f5Does ()
void openDoor (Room whither, byte ped, byte magicnum)
 Open the Door. More...
void flipRoom (Room room, byte ped)
void setRoom (People persId, Room roomId)
Room getRoom (People persId)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Engine
 Engine (OSystem *syst)
virtual ~Engine ()
virtual void initializePath (const Common::FSNode &gamePath)
 Init SearchMan according to the game path. More...
virtual void errorString (const char *buf_input, char *buf_output, int buf_output_size)
 Prepare an error string, which is printed by the error() function. More...
virtual GUI::DebuggergetDebugger ()
 Return the engine's debugger instance, if any. More...
void setDebugger (GUI::Debugger *debugger)
 Sets the engine's debugger. More...
GUI::DebuggergetOrCreateDebugger ()
 Return the engine's debugger instance, or create one if none is present. More...
virtual void syncSoundSettings ()
 Notify the engine that the sound settings in the config manager may have changed and that it hence should adjust any internal volume etc. More...
virtual void flipMute ()
 Flip mute all sound option. More...
virtual Common::String getSaveStateName (int slot) const
 Generates the savegame filename. More...
virtual Common::Error loadGameStream (Common::SeekableReadStream *stream)
 Load a game state. More...
void setGameToLoadSlot (int slot)
 Sets the game slot for a savegame to be loaded after global main menu execution. More...
virtual Common::Error saveGameStream (Common::WriteStream *stream, bool isAutosave=false)
 Save a game state. More...
bool saveGameDialog ()
 Shows the ScummVM save dialog, allowing users to save their game. More...
bool loadGameDialog ()
 Shows the ScummVM Restore dialog, allowing users to load a game. More...
void pauseEngine (bool pause)
 Pause or resume the engine. More...
bool isPaused () const
 Return whether the engine is currently paused or not. More...
void openMainMenuDialog ()
 Run the Global Main Menu Dialog. More...
uint32 getTotalPlayTime () const
 Get the total play time. More...
void setTotalPlayTime (uint32 time=0)
 Set the game time counter to the specified time. More...
Common::TimerManagergetTimerManager ()
Common::EventManagergetEventManager ()
Common::SaveFileManagergetSaveFileManager ()
void checkCD ()
 On some systems, check if the game appears to be run from CD. More...
void handleAutoSave ()
 Checks for whether it's time to do an autosave, and if so, does it. More...
void saveAutosaveIfEnabled ()
 Does an autosave immediately if autosaves are turned on. More...
virtual bool canSaveAutosaveCurrently ()
 Indicates whether an autosave can currently be saved. More...
virtual int getAutosaveSlot () const
 Returns the slot that should be used for autosaves. More...
bool shouldPerformAutoSave (int lastSaveTime)

Public Attributes

byte _saveNum
const AvalancheGameDescription_gameDescription
bool _holdLeftMouse
byte _interrogation
byte _carryNum
bool _objects [kObjectNum]
int16 _score
int32 _money
Room _room
bool _wonNim
byte _wineState
bool _cwytalotGone
byte _passwordNum
bool _aylesIsAwake
byte _drawbridgeOpen
byte _avariciusTalk
bool _rottenOnion
bool _onionInVinegar
byte _givenToSpludwick
byte _brummieStairs
byte _cardiffQuestionNum
bool _avvyIsAwake
bool _avvyInBed
bool _userMovesAvvy
byte _npcFacing
bool _givenBadgeToIby
bool _friarWillTieYouUp
bool _tiedUp
byte _boxContent
bool _talkedToCrapulus
byte _jacquesState
bool _bellsAreRinging
bool _standingOnDais
bool _takenPen
bool _arrowInTheDoor
Common::String _favoriteDrink
Common::String _favoriteSong
Common::String _worstPlaceOnEarth
Common::String _spareEvening
uint32 _startTime
uint32 _totalTime
byte _jumpStatus
bool _mushroomGrowing
bool _crapulusWillTell
bool _enterCatacombsFromLustiesRoom
bool _teetotal
byte _malagauche
char _drinking
bool _enteredLustiesRoomAsMonk
byte _catacombX
byte _catacombY
bool _avvysInTheCupboard
bool _geidaFollows
bool _givenPotionToGeida
bool _lustieIsAsleep
bool _beenTiedUp
bool _sittingInPub
byte _spurgeTalkCount
bool _metAvaroid
bool _takenMushroom
bool _givenPenToAyles
bool _askedDogfoodAboutNim
bool _showDebugLines
byte _lineNum
LineType _lines [50]
bool _dropsOk
bool _cheat
bool _letMeOut
byte _thinks
bool _thinkThing
bool _animationsEnabled
char _objectList [10]
byte _currentMouse
Common::String_also [31][2]
PedType _peds [15]
MagicType _magics [15]
MagicType _portals [7]
FieldType _fields [30]
byte _fieldNum
Common::String _listen
byte _cp
byte _ledStatus
FontType _font
bool _alive
byte _subjectNum
People _him
People _her
byte _it
uint32 _roomCycles
bool _doingSpriteRun
bool _soundFx
bool _isLoaded
- Public Attributes inherited from Engine

Static Public Attributes

static const bool kThing = true
static const bool kPerson = false
static const char kSpludwicksOrder [3] = {kObjectOnion, kObjectInk, kObjectMushroom}
static const uint16 kNotes [12] = {196, 220, 247, 262, 294, 330, 350, 392, 440, 494, 523, 587}

Protected Member Functions

Common::Error run () override
 Init the engine and start its main loop. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Engine
virtual int runDialog (GUI::Dialog &dialog)
virtual void pauseEngineIntern (bool pause)
 Actual implementation of pauseEngine by subclasses. More...

Private Member Functions

Common::String readAlsoStringFromFile (Common::File &file)
 Check is it's possible to give something to Spludwick. More...
void runAvalot ()
void init ()
void initVariables ()
void setup ()
void scram (Common::String &str)
void unScramble ()
void handleKeyDown (Common::Event &event)
void enterNewTown ()
 Only when entering a NEW town! Not returning to the last one, but choosing another from the map. More...
void findPeople (byte room)
void putGeidaAt (byte whichPed, byte ped)
void guideAvvy (Common::Point cursorPos)
void enterRoom (Room room, byte ped)
void exitRoom (byte x)
void drawToolbar ()
void drawScore ()
void useCompass (const Common::Point &cursorPos)
void checkClick ()
void fixFlashers ()
void loadAlso (byte num)
void resetAllVariables ()
void resetVariables ()

Private Attributes

bool _fxHidden
byte _fxPal [16][16][3]
bool _spludwickAtHome
bool _passedCwytalotInHerts
bool _holdTheDawn
byte _lastRoom
byte _lastRoomNotMap
byte _roomCount [100]
Common::String _mouseText
Common::String _flags
Common::String _roomnName
int8 _scoreToDisplay [3]

Static Private Attributes

static const int16 kMaxSprites = 2
static Room _whereIs [29]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Engine
enum  EngineFeature { kSupportsSubtitleOptions, kSupportsRTL, kSupportsLoadingDuringRuntime, kSupportsSavingDuringRuntime }
 A feature in this context means an ability of the engine which can be either available or not. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Engine
static void quitGame ()
 Request the engine to quit. More...
static bool shouldQuit ()
 Return whether the ENGINE should quit respectively should return to the launcher. More...
static MetaEnginegetMetaEngine ()
static bool warnUserAboutUnsupportedGame ()
 Display a warning to the user that the game is not fully supported. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Engine
const Common::String _targetName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file avalanche.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AvalancheEngine()

Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::AvalancheEngine ( OSystem syst,
const AvalancheGameDescription gd 

Definition at line 37 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ ~AvalancheEngine()

Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::~AvalancheEngine ( )

Definition at line 63 of file avalanche.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ bearing()

uint16 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::bearing ( byte  whichPed)

Definition at line 1302 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ callVerb()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::callVerb ( VerbCode  id)

Call a given Verb.

Originally called 'callverb'

Definition at line 282 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ canLoadGameStateCurrently()

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::canLoadGameStateCurrently ( )

Indicates whether a game state can be loaded.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 371 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ canSaveGameStateCurrently()

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::canSaveGameStateCurrently ( )

Indicates whether a game state can be saved.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 330 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ checkClick()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::checkClick ( )

Definition at line 1113 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ decreaseMoney()

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::decreaseMoney ( uint16  amount)

Definition at line 1483 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ drawDirection()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::drawDirection ( )

Definition at line 1263 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ drawScore()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::drawScore ( )

Definition at line 963 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ drawToolbar()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::drawToolbar ( )

Definition at line 957 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ enterNewTown()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::enterNewTown ( )

Only when entering a NEW town! Not returning to the last one, but choosing another from the map.

Originally called 'new_town'

Definition at line 504 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ enterRoom()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::enterRoom ( Room  room,
byte  ped 

Definition at line 542 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ errorLed()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::errorLed ( )

Definition at line 1184 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ exitRoom()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::exitRoom ( byte  x)

Definition at line 464 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ expandDate()

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::expandDate ( int  d,
int  m,
int  y 

Definition at line 453 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ f5Does()

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::f5Does ( )

Definition at line 1556 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ fadeIn()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::fadeIn ( )

Displays a fade in, full screen.

This version is different to the one in the original, which was fading in 3 steps.

Originally called 'dawn'

Definition at line 1241 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ fadeOut()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::fadeOut ( )

Displays a fade out, full screen.

This version is different to the one in the original, which was fading in 3 steps.

Originally called 'dusk'

Definition at line 1200 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ findPeople()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::findPeople ( byte  room)

Definition at line 453 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ fixFlashers()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::fixFlashers ( )

Definition at line 1329 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ flipRoom()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::flipRoom ( Room  room,
byte  ped 

Definition at line 1587 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ fxToggle()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::fxToggle ( )

Definition at line 1038 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ gameOver()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::gameOver ( )

Definition at line 1274 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ getCopyrightString()

const char * Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getCopyrightString ( ) const

Definition at line 180 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ getEvent()

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getEvent ( Common::Event event)

Definition at line 505 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ getFeatures()

uint32 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getFeatures ( ) const

Definition at line 42 of file detection.cpp.

◆ getFlag()

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getFlag ( char  x)

Definition at line 1474 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ getGameId()

const char * Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getGameId ( ) const

Definition at line 46 of file detection.cpp.

◆ getItem()

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getItem ( byte  which)

Definition at line 1511 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ getMousePos()

Common::Point Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getMousePos ( )

Definition at line 509 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ getName()

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getName ( People  whose)

Definition at line 1493 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ getPlatform()

Common::Platform Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getPlatform ( ) const

Definition at line 50 of file detection.cpp.

◆ getRoom()

Room Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getRoom ( People  persId)

Definition at line 1687 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ getTimeInSeconds()

uint32 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::getTimeInSeconds ( )

Definition at line 479 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ guideAvvy()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::guideAvvy ( Common::Point  cursorPos)
Originally called 'verte'

Definition at line 1058 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ handleKeyDown()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::handleKeyDown ( Common::Event event)

Definition at line 117 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ hasFeature()

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::hasFeature ( EngineFeature  f) const

Determine whether the engine supports the specified feature.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 176 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ incScore()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::incScore ( byte  num)

Definition at line 988 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ init()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::init ( void  )

Definition at line 257 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ initialize()

Common::ErrorCode Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::initialize ( )

Definition at line 150 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ initVariables()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::initVariables ( )

Definition at line 93 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ intToStr()

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::intToStr ( int32  num)

Definition at line 1336 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ loadAlso()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::loadAlso ( byte  num)

Definition at line 320 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ loadBackground()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::loadBackground ( byte  num)

Definition at line 419 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ loadGame()

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::loadGame ( const int16  slot)

Definition at line 379 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ loadGameState()

Common::Error Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::loadGameState ( int  slot)

Load a game state.

slotthe slot from which a savestate should be loaded
returns kNoError on success, else an error code.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 375 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ loadRoom()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::loadRoom ( byte  num)

Definition at line 443 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ minorRedraw()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::minorRedraw ( )

Definition at line 1290 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ newGame()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::newGame ( )

Definition at line 1422 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ openDoor()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::openDoor ( Room  whither,
byte  ped,
byte  magicnum 

Open the Door.

This slides the door open. The data really ought to be saved in the Also file, and will be next time. However, for now, they're here.

Originally called 'open_the_door'

Definition at line 1638 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ putGeidaAt()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::putGeidaAt ( byte  whichPed,
byte  ped 

Definition at line 531 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ readAlsoStringFromFile()

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::readAlsoStringFromFile ( Common::File file)

Check is it's possible to give something to Spludwick.

Originally called 'nextstring'

Definition at line 296 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ refreshObjectList()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::refreshObjectList ( )

Definition at line 1042 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ resetAllVariables()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::resetAllVariables ( )

Definition at line 1411 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ resetVariables()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::resetVariables ( )

Definition at line 1340 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ run()

Common::Error Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::run ( )

Init the engine and start its main loop.

returns kNoError on success, else an error code.

Implements Engine.

Definition at line 513 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ runAvalot()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::runAvalot ( )

Definition at line 231 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ saveGame()

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::saveGame ( const int16  slot,
const Common::String desc 

Definition at line 338 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ saveGameState()

Common::Error Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::saveGameState ( int  slot,
const Common::String desc,
bool  isAutosave = false 

Save a game state.

slotthe slot into which the savestate should be stored
desca description for the savestate, entered by the user
isAutosaveExpected to be true if an autosave is being created
returns kNoError on success, else an error code.

Reimplemented from Engine.

Definition at line 334 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ scram()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::scram ( Common::String str)

Definition at line 304 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ setRoom()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::setRoom ( People  persId,
Room  roomId 

Definition at line 1683 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ setup()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::setup ( )

Definition at line 183 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ spriteRun()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::spriteRun ( )
Originally called 'sprite_run'

Definition at line 1322 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ synchronize()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::synchronize ( Common::Serializer sz)

Definition at line 184 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ thinkAbout()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::thinkAbout ( byte  object,
bool  type 

Definition at line 932 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ unScramble()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::unScramble ( )

Definition at line 309 of file avalot.cpp.

◆ updateEvents()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::updateEvents ( )

Definition at line 485 of file avalanche.cpp.

◆ useCompass()

void Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::useCompass ( const Common::Point cursorPos)

Definition at line 1002 of file avalot.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _alive

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_alive

Definition at line 221 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _also

Common::String* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_also[31][2]

Definition at line 212 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _animation

Animation* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_animation

Definition at line 86 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _animationsEnabled

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_animationsEnabled

Definition at line 207 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _arrowInTheDoor

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_arrowInTheDoor

Definition at line 175 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _askedDogfoodAboutNim

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_askedDogfoodAboutNim

Definition at line 196 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _avariciusTalk

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_avariciusTalk

Definition at line 156 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _avvyInBed

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_avvyInBed

Definition at line 163 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _avvyIsAwake

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_avvyIsAwake

Definition at line 162 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _avvysInTheCupboard

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_avvysInTheCupboard

Definition at line 188 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _aylesIsAwake

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_aylesIsAwake

Definition at line 154 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _background

Background* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_background

Definition at line 83 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _beenTiedUp

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_beenTiedUp

Definition at line 192 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _bellsAreRinging

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_bellsAreRinging

Definition at line 172 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _boxContent

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_boxContent

Definition at line 169 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _brummieStairs

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_brummieStairs

Definition at line 160 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _cardiffQuestionNum

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_cardiffQuestionNum

Definition at line 161 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _carryNum

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_carryNum

Definition at line 145 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _catacombX

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_catacombX

Definition at line 187 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _catacombY

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_catacombY

Definition at line 187 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _cheat

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_cheat

Definition at line 203 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _clock

Clock* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_clock

Definition at line 79 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _closing

Closing* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_closing

Definition at line 88 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _cp

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_cp

Definition at line 219 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _crapulusWillTell

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_crapulusWillTell

Definition at line 181 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _currentMouse

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_currentMouse

Definition at line 211 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _cwytalotGone

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_cwytalotGone

Definition at line 152 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _dialogs

Dialogs* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_dialogs

Definition at line 82 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _doingSpriteRun

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_doingSpriteRun

Definition at line 227 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _drawbridgeOpen

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_drawbridgeOpen

Definition at line 155 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _drinking

char Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_drinking

Definition at line 185 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _dropdown

DropDownMenu* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_dropdown

Definition at line 87 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _dropsOk

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_dropsOk

Definition at line 202 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _enterCatacombsFromLustiesRoom

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_enterCatacombsFromLustiesRoom

Definition at line 182 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _enteredLustiesRoomAsMonk

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_enteredLustiesRoomAsMonk

Definition at line 186 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _favoriteDrink

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_favoriteDrink

Definition at line 176 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _favoriteSong

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_favoriteSong

Definition at line 176 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _fieldNum

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_fieldNum

Definition at line 217 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _fields

FieldType Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_fields[30]

Definition at line 216 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _flags

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_flags

Definition at line 281 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _font

FontType Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_font

Definition at line 220 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _friarWillTieYouUp

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_friarWillTieYouUp

Definition at line 167 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _fxHidden

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_fxHidden

Definition at line 271 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _fxPal

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_fxPal[16][16][3]

Definition at line 272 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _gameDescription

const AvalancheGameDescription* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_gameDescription

Definition at line 104 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _geidaFollows

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_geidaFollows

Definition at line 189 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _ghostroom

GhostRoom* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_ghostroom

Definition at line 91 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _givenBadgeToIby

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_givenBadgeToIby

Definition at line 166 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _givenPenToAyles

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_givenPenToAyles

Definition at line 196 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _givenPotionToGeida

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_givenPotionToGeida

Definition at line 190 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _givenToSpludwick

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_givenToSpludwick

Definition at line 159 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _graphics

GraphicManager* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_graphics

Definition at line 80 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _help

Help* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_help

Definition at line 92 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _her

People Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_her

Definition at line 223 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _highscore

HighScore* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_highscore

Definition at line 93 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _him

People Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_him

Definition at line 223 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _holdLeftMouse

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_holdLeftMouse

Definition at line 138 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _holdTheDawn

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_holdTheDawn

Definition at line 276 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _interrogation

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_interrogation

Definition at line 142 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _isLoaded

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_isLoaded

Definition at line 230 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _it

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_it

Definition at line 224 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _jacquesState

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_jacquesState

Definition at line 171 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _jumpStatus

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_jumpStatus

Definition at line 179 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _lastRoom

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_lastRoom

Definition at line 277 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _lastRoomNotMap

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_lastRoomNotMap

Definition at line 278 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _ledStatus

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_ledStatus

Definition at line 219 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _letMeOut

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_letMeOut

Definition at line 204 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _lineNum

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_lineNum

Definition at line 200 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _lines

LineType Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_lines[50]

Definition at line 201 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _listen

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_listen

Definition at line 218 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _lustieIsAsleep

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_lustieIsAsleep

Definition at line 191 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _magics

MagicType Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_magics[15]

Definition at line 214 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _malagauche

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_malagauche

Definition at line 184 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _metAvaroid

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_metAvaroid

Definition at line 195 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _money

int32 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_money

Definition at line 148 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _mouseText

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_mouseText

Definition at line 280 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _mushroomGrowing

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_mushroomGrowing

Definition at line 180 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _nim

Nim* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_nim

Definition at line 90 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _npcFacing

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_npcFacing

Definition at line 165 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _objectList

char Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_objectList[10]

Definition at line 208 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _objects

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_objects[kObjectNum]

Definition at line 146 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _onionInVinegar

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_onionInVinegar

Definition at line 158 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _parser

Parser* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_parser

Definition at line 81 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _passedCwytalotInHerts

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_passedCwytalotInHerts

Definition at line 275 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _passwordNum

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_passwordNum

Definition at line 153 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _peds

PedType Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_peds[15]

Definition at line 213 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _portals

MagicType Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_portals[7]

Definition at line 215 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _rnd

Common::RandomSource* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_rnd

Definition at line 102 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _room

Room Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_room

Definition at line 149 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _roomCount

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_roomCount[100]

Definition at line 279 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _roomCycles

uint32 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_roomCycles

Definition at line 225 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _roomnName

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_roomnName

Definition at line 282 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _rottenOnion

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_rottenOnion

Definition at line 157 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _saveNum

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_saveNum

Definition at line 77 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _score

int16 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_score

Definition at line 147 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _scoreToDisplay

int8 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_scoreToDisplay[3]

Definition at line 283 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _sequence

Sequence* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_sequence

Definition at line 84 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _showDebugLines

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_showDebugLines

Definition at line 199 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _sittingInPub

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_sittingInPub

Definition at line 193 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _sound

SoundHandler* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_sound

Definition at line 89 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _soundFx

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_soundFx

Definition at line 228 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _spareEvening

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_spareEvening

Definition at line 176 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _spludwickAtHome

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_spludwickAtHome

Definition at line 274 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _spurgeTalkCount

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_spurgeTalkCount

Definition at line 194 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _standingOnDais

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_standingOnDais

Definition at line 173 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _startTime

uint32 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_startTime

Definition at line 177 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _subjectNum

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_subjectNum

Definition at line 222 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _system

OSystem* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_system

Definition at line 95 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _takenMushroom

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_takenMushroom

Definition at line 196 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _takenPen

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_takenPen

Definition at line 174 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _talkedToCrapulus

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_talkedToCrapulus

Definition at line 170 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _teetotal

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_teetotal

Definition at line 183 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _thinks

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_thinks

Definition at line 205 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _thinkThing

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_thinkThing

Definition at line 206 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _tiedUp

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_tiedUp

Definition at line 168 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _timer

Timer* Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_timer

Definition at line 85 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _totalTime

uint32 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_totalTime

Definition at line 178 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _userMovesAvvy

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_userMovesAvvy

Definition at line 164 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _whereIs

Room Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_whereIs

Definition at line 268 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _wineState

byte Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_wineState

Definition at line 151 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _wonNim

bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_wonNim

Definition at line 150 of file avalanche.h.

◆ _worstPlaceOnEarth

Common::String Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::_worstPlaceOnEarth

Definition at line 176 of file avalanche.h.

◆ kMaxSprites

const int16 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::kMaxSprites = 2

Definition at line 267 of file avalanche.h.

◆ kNotes

const uint16 Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::kNotes = {196, 220, 247, 262, 294, 330, 350, 392, 440, 494, 523, 587}

Definition at line 136 of file avalanche.h.

◆ kPerson

const bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::kPerson = false

Definition at line 132 of file avalanche.h.

◆ kSpludwicksOrder

const char Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::kSpludwicksOrder = {kObjectOnion, kObjectInk, kObjectMushroom}

Definition at line 134 of file avalanche.h.

◆ kThing

const bool Avalanche::AvalancheEngine::kThing = true

Definition at line 131 of file avalanche.h.

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