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Director::LingoCompiler Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

ScriptContextcompileAnonymous (const Common::U32String &code)
ScriptContextcompileLingo (const Common::U32String &code, LingoArchive *archive, ScriptType type, CastMemberID id, const Common::String &scriptName, bool anonyomous=false)
ScriptContextcompileLingoV4 (Common::SeekableReadStreamEndian &stream, LingoArchive *archive, const Common::String &archName, uint16 version)
int code1 (inst code)
int code2 (inst code_1, inst code_2)
int code3 (inst code_1, inst code_2, inst code_3)
int code4 (inst code_1, inst code_2, inst code_3, inst code_4)
int codeCmd (const Common::String &s, int numpar)
int codeFloat (double f)
int codeFunc (const Common::String &s, int numpar)
int codeInt (int val)
int codeString (const char *s)
void codeVarSet (const Common::String &name)
void codeVarRef (const Common::String &name)
void codeVarGet (const Common::String &name)
int getTheFieldID (int entity, const Common::String &field, bool silent=false)
void registerFactory (Common::String &s)
void registerMethodVar (const Common::String &name, VarType type=kVarGeneric)
void updateLoopJumps (uint nextTargetPos, uint exitTargetPos)
virtual bool visitScriptNode (ScriptNode *node)
virtual bool visitFactoryNode (FactoryNode *node)
virtual bool visitHandlerNode (HandlerNode *node)
virtual bool visitCmdNode (CmdNode *node)
virtual bool visitPutIntoNode (PutIntoNode *node)
virtual bool visitPutAfterNode (PutAfterNode *node)
virtual bool visitPutBeforeNode (PutBeforeNode *node)
virtual bool visitSetNode (SetNode *node)
virtual bool visitGlobalNode (GlobalNode *node)
virtual bool visitPropertyNode (PropertyNode *node)
virtual bool visitInstanceNode (InstanceNode *node)
virtual bool visitIfStmtNode (IfStmtNode *node)
virtual bool visitIfElseStmtNode (IfElseStmtNode *node)
virtual bool visitRepeatWhileNode (RepeatWhileNode *node)
virtual bool visitRepeatWithToNode (RepeatWithToNode *node)
virtual bool visitRepeatWithInNode (RepeatWithInNode *node)
virtual bool visitNextRepeatNode (NextRepeatNode *node)
virtual bool visitExitRepeatNode (ExitRepeatNode *node)
virtual bool visitExitNode (ExitNode *node)
virtual bool visitTellNode (TellNode *node)
virtual bool visitWhenNode (WhenNode *node)
virtual bool visitDeleteNode (DeleteNode *node)
virtual bool visitHiliteNode (HiliteNode *node)
virtual bool visitAssertErrorNode (AssertErrorNode *node)
virtual bool visitIntNode (IntNode *node)
virtual bool visitFloatNode (FloatNode *node)
virtual bool visitSymbolNode (SymbolNode *node)
virtual bool visitStringNode (StringNode *node)
virtual bool visitListNode (ListNode *node)
virtual bool visitPropListNode (PropListNode *node)
virtual bool visitPropPairNode (PropPairNode *node)
virtual bool visitFuncNode (FuncNode *node)
virtual bool visitVarNode (VarNode *node)
virtual bool visitParensNode (ParensNode *node)
virtual bool visitUnaryOpNode (UnaryOpNode *node)
virtual bool visitBinaryOpNode (BinaryOpNode *node)
virtual bool visitFrameNode (FrameNode *node)
virtual bool visitMovieNode (MovieNode *node)
virtual bool visitIntersectsNode (IntersectsNode *node)
virtual bool visitWithinNode (WithinNode *node)
virtual bool visitTheNode (TheNode *node)
virtual bool visitTheOfNode (TheOfNode *node)
virtual bool visitTheNumberOfNode (TheNumberOfNode *node)
virtual bool visitTheLastNode (TheLastNode *node)
virtual bool visitTheDateTimeNode (TheDateTimeNode *node)
virtual bool visitMenuNode (MenuNode *node)
virtual bool visitMenuItemNode (MenuItemNode *node)
virtual bool visitSoundNode (SoundNode *node)
virtual bool visitSpriteNode (SpriteNode *node)
virtual bool visitChunkExprNode (ChunkExprNode *node)
Common::U32String codePreprocessor (const Common::U32String &code, LingoArchive *archive, ScriptType type, CastMemberID id, bool simple=false)
Common::U32String patchLingoCode (const Common::U32String &line, LingoArchive *archive, ScriptType type, CastMemberID id, int linenumber)

Public Attributes

bool _indef
uint _linenumber
uint _colnumber
uint _bytenumber
const char * _lines [3]
bool _inFactory
bool _refMode
Common::HashMap< Common::String, VarType, Common::IgnoreCase_Hash, Common::IgnoreCase_EqualTo > * _methodVars
bool _hadError

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